Postgraduate Scholarships / Grants

Postgraduate Scholarship / Grants

Being in our Doctoral and Master in Science programs specializing in Computing, allows our students to apply for Chilean government grants as well as those from other important international funding sources that finance the associated costs up to 100%. 



Internal Grants


Our professors, as with all the program faculty professors in the Postgraduate program, participate in projects that accept financial support for the Master and Doctoral studies, such as: Fondap, Anillos Bicentenario, Fondecyt, Institutos y Núcleos Milenio, Mecesup.


  • DCC Scholarship

Each semester our department allots a limited number of these types of scholarship / grants which are applicable only to students of the second semester of the program and onwards and who have registered for at least 30 UD courses respectively ,

The benefits of these grants translate to a complete extension of the total duty fees and monthly payments of 45 grant units during a five-month period.

If the student possesses a scholarship with low awarded benefits by the department the student can ask for economic conditions to complete the amount not covered by their scholarship.

  • Tuition Grants

Each semester, the DCC assigns grants of this type mainly (there are exceptions) to students that register for a complete class load (40 UDs or more). These grants do not apply those students conditionally accepted in their first semester of the program.

The grants consist of a reduction between 25%, 50% or 75% of the tuition fee. There are no teaching obligations associated with these grants.