Charla “Enhancing the Impact of Visual Media Collections through Computer Vision”

Dr John Collomosse
21 Enero, 2013 - 15:00
Auditorio DCC - Piso 3

Dr John Collomosse
Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), University of Surrey, UK.

Collections of visual media pervade our lives; from online video archives to personal photo collections. However the way in which we commonly search these visual media collections is far from visual;  we are still reliant upon text based search of metadata annotated to content post-capture.  In this talk I will summarise several recent research projects undertaken by my group at Surrey.  These projects explore new ways to enhance the impact of visual media collections, through new Graphics/Vision algorithms to visually search and present visual media.   Specifically, I will outline:

  • How large databases of photographs may be searched using free-hand sketched queries. (EPSRC)
  • How large archival dance collections of 2D images and video, may be searched to identify similar human poses so enabling choreographic search. (AHRC)
  • How the Microsoft Kinect sensor may be used to search 3D captured sequences of dance performance, to enable interactive replay of choreography through 3D pose search. (EPSRC)
  • How home video may be stylized into artwork for unobtrusive presentation on ambient displays in shared living spaces. (HP Labs)
  • How we can learn to transform photos into portraits by example, using real artwork as training data. (HP Labs)