Charla: Open Data: technical challenges for the research community

Francois Bancilhon, INRIA, Francia.
8 Enero, 2013 - 12:00
Auditorio DCC
Claudio Gutiérrez, académico DCC



Open Data is the availability of public data (data collected, managed and used by public organizations to accomplish their mission) for access and reuse to individuals and organizations is now a well-established idea in many countries in the world. The Open Data movement, initially translated by the set up of numerous Open Data portals, has had a major impact on the development of mobile and Internet applications.


However, the corpus of technologies associated with the Open Data phenomenon is not clearly identified at this stage. Open Data is indeed an opportunity for the research world and a source of new challenging problems. In this presentation I will present some of those challenges, list some of the issues to be solved, and describe some of the technologies developed in labs, in use for real life problems.


*La charla será en inglés.


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