Charla: Internet Voting Protocols with Everlasting Privacy

Jeroen van de Graaf
6 Junio, 2012 - 14:30
Auditorio DCC

Many internet voting protocols with individual and universal verifiability, such as Helios, are based on homomorphic encryption. That is, they use an encryption algorithm with the following property: E(m_1) * E(m_2) = E(m_1+m_2). Obviously, this property is useful to add encrypted votes.


However, a drawback of these voting schemes is that if the encryption algorithm gets broken, 20 of 50 years from now, it is possible to violate the privacy of the votes cast. In this talk I will present a general improvement, showing how to encode votes with a homomorphic scheme that provides everlasting privacy. I will also outline how to apply this idea to mix-nets.


(La charla será en ingles)