Posgradutate of the Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación


Our Department

The Department of Computer Sciences (DCC) was founded in 1975 and is one of the departments dedicated to the science of computation and with the longest trajectory of  in the country.


  • As members of the School of Engineering and Sciences (Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencia) of the Physical Science Department and Mathematics of the Universidad de Chile, our academic and scientific task has developed within an environment of excellence – being diverse, pluralistic, secular, intellectually tolerant and free.
  • Our Academic body is made up of 20 full-time doctoral professors as well as many part-time academics of high specialization and knowledge in the industry.
  • There are a dozen research laboratories and scientific initiatives linked to the DCC and headed by our professors, all whom actively welcome our students.

The program consists of around 30 students from various countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, France, Peru, among other nationalities.


  • The students are encouraged to get acquainted with international research development in their area of specialization by the inclusion of their work in international conferences or by means of internships with centers of world excellence
  • Students and professors interact and conduct research in an enviroment of collaboration, cordiality and respect.
  • Today, the postgraduate student body is made up of over 30 students spanning Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, France, Peru, Switzerland, Germany, as well as other nationalities.
  • On a yearly basis we are visited by dozens of foreign researchers for whom we regularly conduct graduate student and academic exchanges with various universities such as Lisboa UPM, Pomeu Fabre, INRIA (at numerous brances), École des Mines de Nantes, London, Duisburg, Bolzano, vienna, Toronto, Columbia.
  • We have modern installation, research facilities, laboratories and comfortable offices for our students.




Doctorate (Ph.D) of Sciences in Computer Science, (Doctorado en Ciencias mención Computación)


Master of Science in Computer Science (Magíster en Ciencias mención Computación)


Master of Information Technology (Magíster en Tecnologías de Información)