Jaime Sánchez I.

Ph.D. of Informatics and Education  - (Informática y Educación)- (1985); Master of Science Columbia University, USA (1984); Bachiller en Educación y Biología, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1979).

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General areas of research

  • 3-D based software and web interfaces; software design; virtual interactive environments; devices design; usability evaluation, accessible interface designs.
  • Learning through TIC reinforced technology; development of information technology models of use in education; curricular integration of TICs in sciences; teacher updating in use of TICs; development of technolgical innovations in education; educational software; Internet and learning.
  • Development of e-Learning models, e-Learning  applications for continuing education, free software applications for e-Learning.
  • Design, development, application and evaluation of educative videogames (serious); development, applications and evaluation of educative videogames for people with visual disabilities.

Línes of specialization

  • Human-Computor related interaction
  • Educative Computer science
  • e-Learning
  • Serious Video games